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Liver Freedom Happy 2

Are You Truly Living?

Just ask your Liver … The liver is one of the three “vital organs” of the body and plays a major role in keeping you healthy… because, it performs more than 700 functions each day! Many of these functions support the digestive process, contribute to healthy nutrient absorption and immune function. Did you know that the Liver…? Has two lobes …

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Divert Inflammation

DIVERT… diverticula “itis”, meaning Inflammation. Diverticulitis is inflammation of the diverticula. What are diverticula? Simply stated, the “pores” in the Colon (large Intestines). Technically, diverticula are marble-sized pouches lining the walls of the colon. Among other conditions, chronic constipation may weaken the colon walls, allowing bacteria to collect and infection and/or inflammation may be the result. Clean your Colon with …

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Colon What 1

What is a Colon?

Simply, it’s the large intestines, roughly 5’ long. The final stretch of the 30-foot digestive tract: the mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum & small intestines, then the colon/large intestines. The colon is where final nutrient extraction and dehydration occur. The end of the line, before the final exit—the anus. And, when the colon stalls, crashes, or plugs up, something didn’t go …

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Crohn’s? What????

Crohn’s disease, which is also known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), is typically found in the final portion of the small intestines or at the beginning of the large intestines (colon). Truth be told, it remains a medical mystery. It can be identified as an abnormal autoimmune, inflammatory response in the mucosal lining of the intestines. This belly discomfort may …

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Sometimes, if you may go days without pooping… Should you be concerned? Yes, you definitely should be concerned. This may be acute or, possibly chronic constipation. Either way, the normal functions of the digestive tract have been disrupted—most commonly in the colon, but potentially anywhere along your 30-foot-long digestive tract. Yes, it’s 30 feet from mouth to anus! So, what’s …

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Speed Eating… Yes or No?

In a hurry? Yup, we all seem to be in a hurry. Take a bite, chomp a couple of times, then swallow. Finishing our food in minutes and off we go to some other activity.     Have you ever felt a tummy ache, acid reflux, or bloated after speed eating? No surprise if you have, because digestion begins in the …

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Olive Oil Salad Dressing Cooking Olive

Slip, Sliding, Away…

Away, to improved digestion and ease of elimination. Not only are fats essential for heart, blood, immune system and brain, they make it easy to eliminate, given the correct type of fats. Let’s break it down in to two polyunsaturated sources of fat and three types of food source fat. Two polyunsaturated sources of fat are: Omega 3 – marine …

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Don’t Sit Around, Get…

…MOVING! Do you sit too much? Well… you better get off your butt & beat cheeks, before you experience numerous health conditions. While some may be immediate, such as constipation, other’s may be long term, such as increased morbidity (disease). Yup, sitting sedentary not only de-conditions your arms and legs, but also your digestive tract! Let’s just sum it up …

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How Long Does It Take…

… to have a bowel movement after I eat my meal? Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this question before? If you haven’t, it’s still important to understand the transit time. For the sake of your intestinal health, keep it moving! Your intestinal health IS your immune health! So, let’s break it down: Typically, for someone with good digestive efficiency, it will …

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Go ahead, crack yourself up!

Laughter releases pain-suppressing opiates from the pituitary glands and may have long-term health benefits. It may: Regulates blood pressure and increase blood flow; Decrease cortisol and adrenaline stress hormones; Increases health-enhancing hormones; Increases blood-oxygenation; Exercise the diaphragm, abdominal, and other muscles; Increase gamma-Interferon and T-cells to fight disease; Improve alertness, creativity, memory, mood, and learning; Stimulates organs, such as the …

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