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Yummy Tummy Food

Yummy Tummy Food

Authored by Ms Mardell Hill
Illustrated by Mr Danh Tran

Yummy Tummy Food is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that leads young children through an eating adventure, all the while teaching them about the importance of good food choices, how digestion works and making elimination a fun and happy experience. This bright, cheerful story brings a message to young children and parents alike so they may read and explore this topic together. The back pages include most commonly asked questions with simple, easy to understand answers. This delightful and funny book will be sure set little ones on a path to good health!

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ISBN-13: 9780692910009 •  Publication date: Jul 26 2017 • Pages: 24 • Binding Type: US Trade Paper • Trim Size:8.5″ x 8.5″ • Language: English • Color:
Full Color with Bleed •  Related Categories: Education / Preschool & Kindergarten


• Healthy Foods to Eat • Colorful Characters Taking a Journey Down the Digestive Tract • Making Toilet Use Funny & Fun • Commonly Asked Questions, a Complete Diagram & Simple Answers About Food, Digestion, & Poop!

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About the Author

Mardell Hill, author of the acclaimed adult primer, Intestinal Health – A Practical Guide to Complete Abdominal Comfort (Rowman & Littlefield), is thrilled to bring her message of education and everyday conversation about the digestive process to a broader, younger audience.
Since, launching her book for adults, Mardell understands how digestive issues and bathroom habits, taught during early childhood, may lead to improved eating habits, digestion and elimination.

More about the Author – Mardell Hill has dedicated her life to helping others. Read more about her story and her vision.

Praise for Yummy Tummy Food

As the mother of grown children, I think Yummy Tummy Food is a delightful way to illustrate to younger children how the body works. I can’t wait to read it to my grandchildren! The text and pictures show how the process of digestions takes place and the happy results at the end of the story! The complete diagram and Q&A section at the end are sure to generate “stimulating” conversations between child and parent.
Catherine, Colorado

Yummy Tummy Food is the only children’s book I’ve seen that explains the digestive process, from table to toilet, in a fun, easy way for kids to grasp. The beautifully illustrated bright pages capture children’s attention and their curiosity as they learn about the importance of good foods to eat and the healthy process of digestion and elimination. The catchy phases on each page could easily turn into a happy tune the child might sing while eating. I look forward to sharing this with my grandchildren, great niece, and my friend’s children. Great job Mardell!
Gina, Boulder, Colorado, Grandma

My 4 year old could not put this book down! He loved the colorful pages, traveling through the tummy with the different types of food, and wanted to read it over and over again. The question/answer section & diagram in the back was very beneficial and guided me through the questions my son had that I was not sure how to answer them on my own. I would highly recommend this book for parents to read to their children!
Amanda, Ohio, Mom

This is a kid friendly, very delightful way to teach children what happens to food after they eat. My grandkids especially like the part about waving bye bye to the poop!
Rachel, Longmont, Colorado, Grandma

When I was a child I imagined the inside of my body to be a dark scary place.  How everything worked was a mystery. If I’d had a book like Yummy Tummy Food when I was little my imagination would have been sparked into rays of rainbow understanding taking away all fear of what’s inside. Yummy Tummy Food is a treasure!
Tessalin, Boulder, Colorado