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Pricing for Colonic Enema Services

Monthly Special

Simple Access to Great Health Digestion 101 ~

  • You will have the option to finish with Post Support Nutrition (additional cost) & a warm cup of herbal tea (complimentary option) .
  • YouTube Video: Strawberry Sauce ~ Easy ~ Vegan Friendly!
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  • Studio located 6903 Totara Place, Niwot, CO 80503
  • Note: ALL packages and payments (with 24-hour notice) are available for use up to one year from payment.
  • Note: Outside business hours it will be double the cost of normal service requested.


Payment DUE 72 HOURS PRIOR to appointment to avoid cancellation. 
Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to avoid fees.
Payment available for use for one year after paid.

New Clients

  • 10-15 minute in person informational intake
  • Full consultation is an additional cost
  • Introduction to colonic room
  • 30–40-minute colonic enema
  • Post colonic support purchased separately
  • Allow 1 hour 15 minutes
  • New Clients Only
  • For clients in good health
Standard Intro
  • 25-minute phone consultation – prearranged
  • For clients who need more conversation about their current health/cleansing needs
  • Introduction to colonic room
  • 30–40-minute colonic enema
  • Allow 1 hour 15 minutes at Boulder Colonic Center
  • Post colonic support purchased separately
  • 50+ minutes of one on one on the phone or in person
  • Discuss your health concerns, history, & goals
  • Learn about more cleanses, nutrition, and options
  • Introduction to colonic enema room only
  • Colonic enema scheduled separately

Current Clients

Single Colonic
  • For existing clients
  • Package expires in 1 year time
  • Post colonic support purchased separately
  • Allow 1 hour 15 minutes

*$95 New Client Introductory

1st appointment only. Print & fill out the paperwork and receive a brief consultation on the phone prior to colonic enema. Payment required upon booking. Post colonic support purchased separately. Allow  for a 30–40-minute colonic enema – 1 hour total with check in/check out.

The Introductory colonic is perfect for the client that wants to just get it done, no questions asked, no fuss, no frill and no conversation about their health or health issues. A client who is in good health and has seen the appropriate medical care provider/s for any necessary questions prior to getting a colonic enema. Payment due 72 hours in advance & 24-hour cancellation notice require, or payment will be forfeited.

For whatever reason, lifestyle or dietary changes, just cleaning out, eating something that didn’t work out well, financially challenged but needs support, or plain curiosity. Just get it done colonic enema!

Payment options

Boulder Colonic Center offers a variety of payment options: HSA, Flex, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, AMX, Apple or Google Pay, Check, and Cash. There are also a variety of payment plans and Monthly specials. Sign up for the newsletter to receive monthly specials and health blogs and tips from Mardell’s YouTube channel.