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Disclaimer: All comments, words, and references are those of the author writing the testimonial and may or may not reflect the exact word usage of Boulder Colonic Center.

This service is an necessity for me. I received a warm welcome, and education and calming feeling. Pristine and relaxing atmosphere. I had a choice of music!!!! Mardell was just wonderful as well as a wealth of knowledge. If you need this service, do not hesitate…make an appointment.
Sonja Motley

Lovely, effective, sanitary, educational. Healthful and helpful
Alice Diamond

Mardell is extremely knowledgeable, kind, gentle and supportive! Its been over a decade since my last colonic. I’m so grateful to have a colonist like Mardell to walk me through the process and be very attentive to my needs. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
T. Adams

You changed my life! I feel GREAT (and poop frequently)

I have been going to Mardell for many years, and when I have not been in for a while, a colonic rejuvenates my health, and a feeling of exuberance. Quality of service is outstanding.
Thank you Mardell!
Jessica Sparks

I will say that my time with you and your healing cleansings brought to my attention a greater sense of care for my colonic system. I am striving to keep that awareness and to heighten it at any time the opportunity arises. So, when the time presents itself as best, I will return to resume the very expert and loving care.
Lynette M.

Thank you so much for being there. The fat is gone! Wow – I’m so thankful. I will try and encourage others to visit your practice; it’s truly excellent. God Bless you.
P.S. Love the selection of socks!

I had my cholesterol checked in early March. I did a gall bladder/liver flush in early April. I had my cholesterol checked in mid April and my cholesterol had dropped from 271 to 221 in 6 weeks. Thank you Mardell!
Karen Ritter

Wish we weren’t so far away. What can I say: Nobody does it better…
Elyn Aviva

I feel blessed to have met you and your plan. I feel it will help me with the rest of my life! To be healthier and be able to do the things I have been dreaming about for a long time!
C Morris

In January ’07, I began coming to Mardell. It was at the suggestion of my upper cervical specialist that I attend due to an onset of MS in 2000. Since 2000, my energy level and sexual desire had diminished to such a low level that I had all but given up on actively involving in both. Since coming to clear health, my energy level and sexual desire have increased. I have a happy husband.
Alice Genzlinger

Mardell is professional and has very high standards. Whenever I receive treatment from, I always know I am getting the best care available.
Hope Van Vleet

The whole process was fascinating and I hope to do some more soon. Life in the bathroom has been a dream!
C. Roy

Thanks so much for the wonderful treat of a colonic ala Mardell style… I have to say, and I am not just saying this to be nice, I had the best experience I have ever had. Even though I held on and misbehaved a bit in terms of procedure, I got such great results.
I attribute that to your great clear enthusiastic energy. I look forward to sending many clients your way as I build my cleansing business.
Chef Craig King

Mardell provides an amazing service for anyone’s health and vitality. We do not stop to think about where most disease stems from and it only makes sense… the colon! My health is clear and vital and I attribute Mardell for much of my continued thriving health.
Lovedy Barbatelli

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you provide, today will be the 4th time I use your service. I like your place because it is really clean and comfortable; the service can be a little rough sometimes but still I manage to relax because of the music and the stomach massage you give me.
Thank you Mardell!
Gabriela de Anda

You are an easy person to refer people to! you do a great job!
Thank you for your commitment to what you do!

Thanks to Mardell, I got rid of some parasites that were really interfering with my digestion. Traveling abroad gave me some health challenges and Mardell’s services helped me overcome them. I find the colonics to be healing and relatively simple. The rooms are very pleasant and private. Thanks!
Jack Heimsoth

Mardell has done more to improve my health than anyone or anything I have ever tried. This is the simplest, and yet most powerful and effective thing I have ever done. And the best part is, she empowers me to take care of myself! Just one happy side effect: I have suffered with migraines for over 20 years… but no more!
Mary Ferguson

For a lady who helps people clean their innards all day, SHE IS REALLY NICE!!! She is very kind, personable and professional and you can tell that she REALLY WANTS TO HELP PEOPLE HEAL! The facilities were extremely clean and professional and very high tech! I would definitely recommend!!
Bay Liliedahl

What a great way to boost your immune system !! I would highly recommend Boulder Colonic Center to anyone. Mardell is absolutely amazing with a vast amount of knowledge to help you achieve better optimal health. I have battled for years with digestive issues and am so happy to have found a place that truly cares about it’s customers. Thank you !!
Traci Dosmann

Very intelligent & experienced practitioner, with positive energy. This is so important as it concerns a sensitive area connected to the nervous system. Her own obvious vitality is inspiring & encouraging to stay on the path to wellness.
M. P-Stanford

The facility and equipment was very clean. Mardell takes thoughtful effort and time to assure this. Her language is straightforward about the procedure and doesn’t mince her words, kind of entertaining actually. Again, she’s thoughtful in making sure her clients understand how to optimize the effect of the treatment and makes you feel very comfortable. I’ve had 1 treatment with good results and will go again!
Annette Bray

My skin keeps getting better and better. And I am feeling so much less inflamed, more energy and my gut feels great too. I just have to thank you so much for what you have already done for me thus far! So appreciative that I found someone who truly knows how to help me… after spending (literally) the last ten years trying to help myself and being guided by people who had good intentions but didn’t quite know how to help. I am finally seeing real results. And quickly too, I didn’t expect that. I appreciate you! Can’t wait to keep going…

Mardell Truly is the best. She’s passionate about her work and cares about her clients. I have taken 3 visits to see her and every one she has been efficient, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Additionally, colonics really work. I can’t believe how much of a difference they have made in my digestive health. I undoubtedly recommend to anyone who is on the fence to take the leap and give it a try.
Conner Simmons

After weeks of over indulging, it feels good to release toxins! Booking another session for next week. I can not recommend Mardell highly enough! Experienced, kind, knowledgeable and makes what may be preserved as an uncomfortable experience a pleasure! I’m not full of shit! You are!
Taishya Adams

“Mardell is extremely knowledgeable, she is very kind and helps in anyway possible. My first experience getting a colonic was great and very clean. I would highly recommend Boulder Colonic Center.”
Elif Kuzu

Undoubtedly, good ‘Customer Service’ is always appreciated in every business establishment. Yet at Boulder Colonic Center with Mardell, one feels that one receives something more like ‘Comprehensive Client Care, which engenders a considerably more memorable and beneficial experience.
S. Daverly

Mardell is so knowledgeable about digestive issues and health. I started my journey by reading a book that lead me to her. I wish I would have started with her first. Her level of professionalism and expertise is unmatched. The experience was great. I felt comfortable and cared for. Afterward I felt so much better. My stomach was calm for the first time in 20 years. I have been telling all my friends about her and how she can help them. She’s in my opinion the best kept secret to good health in the boulder valley.
Wendy H.

I found Mardell at a time when my body was screaming for help. I’ve done colon hydrotherapy previously and while I had decent success, it was NOTHING like the service and support I received from Mardell. She’s educational, nurturing, sassy and snarky (two features I adore about her) and most of all, she knows this process better than anyone I’ve ever met. She has been a constant source of encouragement to listen to my body and to help me know when I needed, and was capable, of “more”. I can say without a doubt, my life has been changed for the better and I’m feeling better than I have in years because of the great care I receive from Mardell.
Dawn K.

I found Mardell after trying almost every colonic practitioner in the Boulder area. She is definitely the best therapist for me. Since I have been a client, she has guided me with wisdom and information about intestinal health and possibility which has sent me on a whole new direction of digestion health. She explained the importance of intentionally chewing food to wake up your system to full function and vitality… She is the best you can find, if you are looking to take responsibility for your life.
Alley Brook

I’ve been receiving regular colon hydrotherapy treatments a few times each year since 1981, and I feel that the treatment which I recently received from Mardell at the Boulder Colonic Center was among the best that I’ve experienced throughout the past 37 years. When I asked her what type of system she utilizes, she replied that she designed it herself, and her meticulous attention to detail is clearly evident in every aspect of her administration of the center and her attending to clients. This includes her kind explanation of the reasons why she designed the unit in the way that she did in order for clients to receive the maximum benefit from each treatment. Considering the level of care, effectiveness, cleanliness, and comfort that is available here, a mere five stars does not really seem sufficient in fully representing one’s appreciation for Mardell and the Center, but at least it’s SOME indication of what prospective new clients can look forward to.
Sojohn D.

Mardell is very professional. She has a very sanitary place. She explains the process and is very patient, especially your first time, but even on any return visits when those have been awhile. She makes sure you are cared for, have privacy, and even have the right music background.
The procedure provides relief, as well, like a natural detox.
Her clinic is more reasonable than other clinics, as well.
Lori W.

Mardell and the Boulder Colonic Center actually deserve TEN stars.
I’ve been getting colonics for the past 15 years in NYC by some of the top rated therapists there. I say beyond the shadow of a doubt, NOTHING compares to Mardell’s technique. She is brilliant and equally as gorgeous which goes a long way in showing that she walks her talk.
She has clearly done her research and realized the tweaks and changes that needed to be brought into the profession.
I am beyond grateful to have found her.
Thank you Mardell!
A Client for Life.

Such a great experience again! I’m grateful for the services Mardell provides & can already feel a big difference in my overall health! She makes what can be a sensitive/intimidating experience feel natural & empowering! Thank you so much Mardell!
Jennifer M.

Clean, professional and friendly.

Mardell has tremendous experience and wisdom in her field.
J. Wilson

Mardell is very professional. She gives good advice and cares about your health and well-being. Her facility is very clean and that is very important to me.

“Mardell is so experienced and imparts all of that information to you. She is so willing to answer questions, provide advice and educate you about intestinal health. I was so comfortable and even was accompanied by her ‘house’ cat who laid on my belly and purred during my whole procedure. I have already recommended the Boulder Colonic Center to a number of friends who are interested in their overall health and digestion.”
Diana Greenberg

“My experience at the Boulder Colonic Center was very health Centered and I felt completely cared for throughout my time there.
I was blown away by the level of care, cleanliness, professionalism and service I received before, during and after my visit to the Center.
I must admit I was first hesitant, as this was my first Colonic. But Mardell had me feel at home instantly.
Her depth and knowledge made me feel at ease with her ability to answer all my questions making the experience super relaxing.
I also appreciated her book Intestinal Health and I am looking forward to my next visit!”
Phillip H.

“Mardell’s Clinic is run smoothly and professionally. It is very sanitary and very comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable. Her online system for booking appointments is easy to use. All in all an effective and positive experience. The colorful flags outside make it easier to find.”
Alice D.

“Mardell Hill in Intestinal Health professionally lays out the most common questions, concerns and answers about the digestive system. I appreciate the clear examples and well thought-out analogies that helped me understand why intestinal health is so important. Part I gives a plethora of ways to help food make it from the mouth, journey through our various digestive organs and exit through our large intestine in the best, most healthy way possible. Part II on nutrition helped me understand water, probiotics, and food in the whole digestion process. It even gives a sample seven-day menu and a three step plan to kick start the digestive system to optimum health. Part III helped me understand cleansing–why it is effective in detoxifying my body and why other methods fall short. Mardell Hill has put in much research to produce Intestinal Health and has included the many answers we would love to have (yet struggle to ask) concerning our most vital system in our body.”
Tracy Salgado

“This is the best place ever! Everyone must come here. Mardell is a number one in the industry!”
Erin M.

I have been going to Mardell for colon hydrotherapy for a few years now. She possesses a thorough knowledge of the digestive system including how seemingly unrelated conditions can be traced back to the condition of the gut. I also prescribe to Dr Norman Walker’s belief that a 6-series once a year is a great way to maintain overall health. Mardell is very professional and maintains a hygienic and sterile space. If you believe in being proactive about your health and seek a natural approach I highly recommend a series of colonics with Mardell. You will be in good hands.
Elizabeth DeFrias

Mardell is Awesome – Get healthy and clean out your body, from all the toxins in our food and water and air – This is so GREAT for your body ! De-tox from our toxic environment !
Kristi Giese

Mardell is amazing! Very professional, clean, efficient and knowledgeable. She’s helped me so much! I buy all of my probiotics from her for cheaper than anywhere else. She also carries the absolute best chocolates (lulus love truffles), I love them, and her so much! On top of all that I feel like she really cares about me and my health, and consider her a friend in life! Thanks for all you do Mardell!
Shelby H.

As a first time customer, my experience was very comfortable and pleasant in a very clean, and soothing environment. Mardell is quite informative in colonics and care to share her knowledge with her clients. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking a colonic.
A. Mitchell

Its been years since I did a multiple organ cleanse and Mardell provided a comfortable environment to receive a colonic, become inspired about the cleanse and absorb her genuine warmth and care for my well being. Her process allows for empowering the client by putting you in control. For anyone who has delayed cleaning themselves out, put your vacuums down, put your rakes away and treat yourself to a Spring cleaning with Mardell.
Leanne Mumpy

“Fantastic, very comfortable experience for my first colonic. The education provided and ease and comfort of the my first time helped my nervousness. Most of all I felt hydrated and my digestive issues have eased after only one visit. Going back again today to continue the process of health and wellness”
Kelly C.

Boulder Colonic provides an excellent service and Mardell is an expert. She is vastly knowledgeable on gut health and her offices are clean, pleasant and well conceived. My health has improved greatly since receiving her services and I cannot recommend them and her enough!
K. Cross

“Please accept my most sincere gratitude & appreciation!
With your great skill & knowledge, you completely healed me. I feel as good as new now.
Thank you so much for everything!”
Emily M.

Mardell was so welcoming and pleasant. I was really nervous, the whole time, but she made the whole process so comfortable, and as nice as could be, in my situation.
Kevin M.

Mardell is the very BEST! Very helpful, caring, and wants the very best for her clients. I have had several appointments over the last month and I feel great. Way more energy, better sleep, and have had less stomach issues. Thanks so much Mardell!!

“Thank you for the holistic work that you do.
Your place is spotless and the pure water a genuine plus!! You really understand your work and I am so glad we met.”
Lynn W.

“Mardell is a very knowledgeable woman that genuinely cares about your heath and what makes you tick. She creates a pristine, comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your health improvements to take place. Her personality is great, and she listens to how you are feeling, and has so much helpful advice. I will continue to recommend her services as “amazing.” Thanks Mardell!!!”
Jennifer Rogers

I am inspired to recommend this natural, beautifully crafted, anciently motivated cleanse of the body. Uplifting and creative, it leaves me with a sense of new beginnings, full of vitality, leaving my headaches and belly aches behind. The practitioners are passionate and caring. Thank you… for your preparedness to deal with this often ignored area, so lovingly.
Khannah Sheine

“I have been a client for several months. I feel very lucky to have found Mardell. She is extremely knowledgeable about digestive system issues. After a medical diagnosis, I pursued colonics as a viable treatment option. The experience was easy and extremely professional. Mardell’s depth of knowledge is extensive – and demonstrated in her book entitled “Intestinal Health”. I highly recommend her and her clinic. She is passionate about what she does which is evident in all aspects of her business. Her online videos provide insight into the experience for new customers and more in-depth information for her loyal customers or anyone wanting additional information for their own personal health journey.”
Joan O.

I’m dealing with breast cancer. I came in with all over fatigue, especially mental fog. I want my body to be as toxic free as possible before surgery and I know colonics will help. When I left Mardell’s, I had my ‘mind’ back and my friend said I was much more vibrant and alert. Thanks so much!!
D. D.

“Mardell helped me for my first time today. The place was clean, and Mardell really made the whole process as easy and un-embarrassing as possible. She is so informative and knowledgeable. Mardell is a professional that is very compassionate about her life work as well as the health, welfare, and safety of her clients. I will be back next week for another round. I give her an AAAAAAA+++++++ :0) I will refer everyone I know to her.”

“I had my first, second and about to have my third Colonic, the benefits were just as amazing as the experience! Mardell provides a soothing and safe space to receive this treatment. The office is sparkling clean and cozy. The music is calming, the temperature just right and there is a tree just outside of the window to softly gaze at. Mardell is sensitive to your privacy and well-being as she checks in throughout the treatment. She also keeps you informed of what she is doing and will answer any questions you may have! The treatment leaves my body and mind feeling light, clear and refreshed.
Being a person who is becoming more and more educated on supporting my body in health and healing, I would highly recommend visiting Mardell!”
C. J.

I was dealing with some intestinal issues and had no idea how to feel better. Mardell was amazing! She made me feel comfortable and educated me holistically. She is very professional, and I highly recommend her center.
Jen K.

I started going to Mardell a few years ago after contracting a nasty parasite in my travels (my acupuncturist referred me to her). Not knowing what to expect, and being sort of wary of this type of treatment (colon hydrotherapy), I was relieved to find how knowledgeable Mardell was and how comfortable she made me feel.
I have had many successful gallbladder flushes with her assistance and my body and liver are healthier than they have ever been. I feel so many of my childhood illnesses, medications and improper nutrition have flushed out of my system with her assistance. She truly is the best and I have no desire to switch practitioners; I have since moved from Boulder to Denver and still make the drive to Niwot to get colonics from her– it’s totally worth it to me!
DeNae D’Auria

“Mardell is a very knowledgeable and experienced colon hydrotherapist. She helped me identify some serious intestinal issues, and after a series of colonics I am feeling like a new person! Her colonic machine is top-notch, and her rooms are extremely clean and comfortable. I cannot recommend Mardell’s services enough!”
Amber Wood

Clean, efficient, and professional, while still doing a stellar job at being personable, clear, and caring. All you could want and more. Go for it! You know you want to! Be well!
Alethea Jackson

“I just went through a series of 8 colonics ( a full body cleanse) and am on my way back to the best health in years. I have tried others but this is my last stop. Mardell is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly understanding of so many health issues. She made me feel comfortable from day one…and I am a 59 year old man. Don’t be skittish guys…get in touch with Mardell…get on the table…& get your health back!
Mike J.

I have known Mardell for over a decade. Her hydro therapy work is superior!
She understands the mechanics and health issues that can stem from bad colon health and what that can lead to. She even has written a book about it.
I recently had major surgery and the series of colonics i had, cleaned all these toxins out of my liver, colon and body. I feel so much better.
Mardell possesses the knowledge and expertise, and will take care of you in full!!
Lovedy Barbatelli

After I had a series of colonics from Mardell, I have noticed that my system is resetting and is no longer stuck in toxicity and metabolic unbalance. I feel clearer, lighter and am more energetic than I have been in years. Mardell’s high level of knowledge, as outlined in her new book……Intestinal Health is a MUST for anyone wanting to shake old habits and patterns while moving into total well-being. I highly recommend Mardell to my friends and family.
J. Abshire

“I recently had my first colonic here and it was a very good experience. The office is clean and organized, Mardell very professional yet very personable. The system she uses is clean and efficient and I’ll definitely return for more in addition to recommending her services to my daughter, family and friends. Thank you!”
Kallie H.

As a former colon hydro therapist, and current customer, I highly recommend Mardell for all your cleansing protocol needs, as well as your health maintenance needs. Mardell’s professionalism, knowledge, and impeccably clean environment is a must for anyone serious about shifting the status of their health and returning to balance.

“Over the past 10 years I’ve dealt with a very unbalanced and confusing digestive system. When I was introduced to colonics, I knew that they were the first step in the healing process. When I moved to Boulder I was referred to Mardell by a friend. My experience was (and always is) fantastic. Not only do you feel welcome, at home and at ease, Mardell is a wealth of knowledge and such a pleasure to talk to. I will continue to support such a wonderful business (and owner) and refer everyone I know to her.”
Courtney Trice

Three days after foot surgery I suddenly found my eyes unable to focus and I could not read. An hour after my first treatment at the Clear Health Center, I could see the page and enjoy reading again! What a surprising and welcome result! Mardell took great care of me. You will love her!
Rob Wilson

I came to Mardell after suffering with chronic yeast infections for two years. My acupuncturist, medical doctors and specialists were all stumped. Mardell suggested I try a parasite cleanse regimen even after a stool test came back negative for parasites. I immediately began to not only purge parasites but also to finally heal. In the first week of the parasite cleanse my yeast infection was gone! Mardell provided nothing short of a miracle. I drive 45 minutes from Denver to Boulder for Mardell’s services because I don’t trust another colonic center to have the same cleanliness standards as her’s. The rooms are so clean, you’d swear no one has used them. The pictures, music and tummy massage make the colonic experience as close to spa service as possible. I highly recommend Mardell for anyone looking to improve their health.
Jessica Wilson

I want to say thank you for helping me achieve better health.
I have lost some weight! Great!
I have more energy! I even glow!
I do not feel anxious or depressed.
The gas and pains are subsiding in my tummy.
I am not even hungry.
I want to do more to achieve great results.
I can’t thank you enough. I wished I had come here first before going to a very costly Naturepath. God Bless you and I am so grateful.
C Riemier

For over 17 years I have tried several remedies and treatments with only minimum relief for a leg rash. This colonic system is better than other closed systems I have tried, and after 3 treatments, the severe rash has subsided and itching has decreased. Coupled with the Metagreens and Aloe Gold, I now have more energy and feel significantly better. With the continued colonics, bowel movements are more regular. Thanks to my wife and Mardell for the encouragement to take this step.
Carl Shultz

I would like to convey the magnitude of the work Mardell is providing for her clients. Due to their outstanding level of competency in their field, spirit of integrity towards their work, and incredibly constant professionalism, I have had remarkable results in improving my long term health problems.
I am committed to future sessions with clear health to continue to improve and support my health. Because of my appreciation for them and the results of their work, I am very confident in referring Mardell to friends, family, and co-workers.
Heather O’Neal

I came to Mardell feeling a lot of stress on my body and at a point of frustration with previous efforts to help my fatigue and mental fog. Since my start with colonics, I have noticed my sense of smell returning, my sinuses opening, my mental clarity increasing, my acne clearing up, and my digestion running a lot smoother. My days are a lot less sluggish and there is more natural spring in my step. I look forward to each session with clear health and eagerly await the future changes in my body.
Jennine Amato

First of all, I want to thank you for the excellent care I received from you, your highly skilled expertise in health procedures, and the beautiful environment you created. My experience of the “modern table with a central drain” colonic device was soothing, relaxing, and highly effective. Having had at least 100 colonics on the old style machines in California, I was amazed at the brilliant design of this brand new method of doing colonics! I felt absolutely no intestinal cramping or uncomfortable pressure from the warm water. It was so easy to completely relax in the treatment room, lulled by the beautiful music, original photographs and paintings, and gentle ambiance. I have been busily recommending your services to my friends, and passing out your half-price coupons like hotcakes!
Beth Kuper

Mardell helped me lower my liver enzymes dramatically. My liver readings were triple what normal is, and by following Mardell’s plan, my readings are now within normal range. I’ve also experienced no allergy symptoms since starting the colon hydrotherapy. My results have been miraculous. I feel great, and definitely recommend colon hydrotherapy.
Doug Patterson

I am so thankful that I was referred to Mardell Hill’s care when a bowel blockage was discovered, by x-ray, to be the cause of my pain. With colon hydrotherapy the blockage was alleviated. With this came improved health and energy; because of Mardell, I am striving toward a healthier lifestyle. I plan to continue Colon Hydrotherapy as needed. Mardell’s guidance and expertise are invaluable to me.
Marie Simmons

With this note I would like to thank you all for your special care and support to make me feel better by aiding me to put my health back on track.
I do feel better these days, although I know I still have some ways to go. A lot of the symptoms I used to have, have eased, mainly the bloating, heart burn, anti acid reflex, and the gases that used to go around in my intestines left and right, I could hear them, they sounded like they had nowhere to go, looking for and escape that they could not find.
I am looking forward to the liver cleansing, to gain my energy level back, which usually lasts me max 8 to 9 hours per day.
Thank you again,
Pauline T.

I came to Mardell with lifelong history of constipation and the past 2 years; bloating and gas. I couldn’t eat a meal without suffering the embarrassing effects. I had become a household joke to my family and children.
In less than 10 treatments, my stomach pouch is gone, the gas is gone, and I am regular! But more than that, what I didn’t expect was the cleaner skin, the full night’s sleep AND, the return of my sex drive! After my first Liver Flush I literally attacked my husband, who needless to say, doesn’t complain anymore about the cost of the cleanse!
I love Mardell for everything, especially the hugs!
Wendy Jolie

When I came in, I was suffering from extreme exhaustion, PMS, poor digestion, acne and dry skin, etc. After a series of colonics, 2 liver cleanses, 2 parasite cleanses, and a kidney flush, everything has changed for the better. My energy is coming back and is more steady, my PMS is almost gone, my digestion is better than it has been in many years, the acne on my arms is gone and my overall skin is much softer and hydrated.
Laura Miller

I can’t say enough how thankful I am that there are people like you in the world. I battled this by myself for 3 ½ years because my medical doctors would not listen to me. I knew there was something bigger going on and sure enough, with the help of Mardell, I rid my body of a 4 foot tapeworm, and much more toxins, and unwanted waste from my body. I have my life, my health, and my nutrients back! The combination of the colonics and herbal remedies work! I finally listened to my body and my instincts and found the right piece to help me heal.
Much Gratitude,
Tami Womak

I entered the field of nutrition because of my own 20 year journey of debilitating side effects due to parasites, intestinal dysbiosis, and mal-absorption. I only wish one of the dozens of practitioners I saw over the years would have recommended colonics instead of the $10’s of $1,000’s I spent on products and doctors and the years of dietary restriction and worsening health.
I noticed a difference with my first colonic! Along with simple and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle choices, my energy and health continue to blossom. I plan to make colon hydrotherapy a regular commitment to my health and well-being.
Mardell provides the best service in Boulder County – knowledgeable, professional, and caring – all in a pleasant, spa-like setting. Thank you!
Ann Gibson

I have been coming to Mardell for about a month. I had read about the importance of colonics in Kevin Trudeau’s book and Mardell further educated me about intestinal and colon health. I have felt much better since I started with Mardell and have appreciated the education, professionalism, and knowledge on overall health. Along with the Probiotics they recommended, the Metagreens, coconut oil, and a change in diet, I am feeling a world of difference. My stomach is not so bloated and the pain I was having is gone. I am lighter and happier!
Isabelle Swift

Before I started coming to Health 2 years ago, I would eliminate 2-3 times a week and felt tired and “gross” all the time. I’ve been coming once a month for a year and a half and it’s changed my life! I feel healthier and lighter, while being more regular. It’s amazing how changing that one aspect of my life has helped to improve my overall health. I eat healthier, and I am more aware of how different foods effect and feel in my body.
The staff is professional and I love how Mardell truly cares about her clients’ health issues as well as progress. The facilities are clean and comforting. I remember my first visit feeling nervous and unsure, but Mardell made me feel welcome and at ease with the process.
Although sometimes the drive can seem long, it is worth it every time because I feel better, and that feeling of being clean and healthy lasts weeks – totally worth it!
Dedra Paulson

My boyfriend is doing well, I think all of his visits and treatments with you have helped him a lot. He knows now how to eat in a better way and I think all the cleansing has lasting effects.
I am sure you will see both of us again. I am so impressed with how cleaner I feel after my 20 colonics, 5 liver flushes, and so many worm kills. I know all of it contributed to my regular menstral cycle. I am not going back on the pill and I thank you very very much for helping me see the light!
Susie Avery

You have cured me not only from the nasty parasites I picked up in Haiti but you have also alleviated a lifelong problem that I have been living with since I was a child! You have changed me for life … as I sit here typing … you would be happy to know I am drinking my first 32ounces of water for the day!
If I follow your regiment then I stay regular. My normal energy level has returned and a clarity of thought! Thank-you so much not just for the medicinal procedures that cured me but for being you! Stern about reading and understanding the conditions of my situation while at the same time being compassionate to the constant discomfort I was living with!
Karen Lichtfuss

I first came to Mardell to kick start some new healthier eating/drinking habits. I feel better about myself and more in control of my digestion. I didn’t even realize how bloated I always was, until now I’m not. I feel leaner and have even lost a few pounds in the last year–which I attribute it to the colonics and the knowledge I have gained from Mardell. I have a new sense of awareness of my digestive system and what I put in and how it affects me. Mardell is very professional about such an initially awkward subject and she puts me at ease every time I come in. Thank you!

Mardell is incredibly passionate about her clients and their ongoing health and well-being. Her knowledge and experience are unsurpassed, and her commitment and attention to detail are evident every day in the superior quality and service she provides. She is meticulous about the cleanliness of her facility and the purity of the water used in her open gravity-feed system. In addition, Mardell offers her clients the highest quality and most reasonably priced digestive health products. Despite the availability of colonic practitioners much closer to where I live in the Evergreen/Conifer area, I readily travel to Niwot for all of the above reasons… and you should, too!
Debi Chernak

If you are considering colonics, I highly recommend Mardell. I have been a colonics recipient for many years. What I found Mardell’s was a gentle and through system cleansing. In the past I would feel uncomfortable with colonics, yet with her system I am able to release and cleanse my system more than any other time. After my first colonics here, I found I was 5 pounds lighter, felt better, and improved concentration and focus. What I like is effectiveness of her system. A little background on myself, I am a body worker and therapist who works with detoxification for over 13 years. Her office is comfortable and clean.

If you are waiting to make to leap to colonics don’t wait any longer and go see Mardell and start healing your body from the inside out. You’ll feel better, look better and be less full of it
Joyce Garcia

I am so grateful that I found Mardell. She is more than my colon hydrotherapist, she’s my health mentor, coach, and inspiration. I have struggled all my post-pubescent life with acne. I would literally try anything I believed would help. I tried many cleanses in the past, but it wasn’t until I did Mardell’s parasite, liver, and gallbladder cleanse that there was a dramatic change in my skin. It’s flawless and glows now! I’ve also had keratosis pilaris (KP), also known as chicken skin, on the back of my arms for as long as I can remember and have tried everything to get rid of it. I finally decided that it was something I would have to live with. But my arms are smooth today! It’s nothing short of a miracle! On top of all of that; my energy levels, which is something I’ve struggled with, are elevated through the roof, even without much sleep. I have this joyful, euphoric feeling in my core that I can’t seem to shake, not that I would want to. Thank God for Mardell!
Michelle W.

As a first time colonic client I have to say I was rather fascinated about the whole process. Mardell was wonderful in explaining the procedure and the office and rooms were sparkling! The entire appointment was comfortable and was extremely well managed. I will be a repeat customer as I do feel it has helped me feel healthier and Mardell’s knowledge of food and how the body works is really great!
Holly D.

“Mardell was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m so glad she was. I’ve been trying to sort out some issues with my health for almost two years and despite a lot of effort I was making very little progress even though I was seeing a highly reputed (and expensive!) alternative doctor. Mardell really knows her stuff, and in my consultation and treatments with her, she was very efficient, thorough, caring and instilled confidence. Not only are the treatments making a difference, I feel like I have a much better idea of how to take care of myself and manage potential issues in the future so I am confident there are long term benefits from me having made the decision to seek Mardell’s advice and services.”
Maia Fletcher

When I first came to the Colonic Center, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew I needed help. For the past few years I had been experiencing an increase in health problems, including serious concern that I might be close to having a heart attack. Symptoms I was consistently having included: uncomfortable pressure in my chest and what seemed like heart flutters; shortness of breath; discomfort and stiffness in my arms, neck, and jaw – entire upper body region; and lightheadedness. My energy level was really low, I always felt surprisingly tired, and my ability to focus on my work was increasingly difficult. Also, I was consistently experiencing what seemed like allergies and cold or flu symptoms, though I’ve never had allergies and normally did not get sick very often. Emotionally, I felt distraught and more physical and emotional stress than I’d ever experienced before – it seemed I was losing control of my body. I blamed it all on my new and intensely demanding job.
My current job requires constant travel throughout the US, and I was feeling heavy stress from the impacts of living in hotels (some infested with rats, bed bugs and other insects) and unhealthy eating habits because healthy food was not easily available. I had chronic constipation, bloating and gas; difficulty losing weight; and circulation problems. During a recent work assignment in Topeka, KS I noticed that my feet and ankles would become slightly swollen near the end of the day – it was much worse on the last day and I had difficulty wearing my shoes. There was no doubt I had circulation problems.
I knew something wasn’t right and I needed help. I believed I could find a healthy solution without drugs or surgery and that’s when I started researching health care centers near my home. I didn’t know anything about colonic hydrotherapy and parasite cleansing, but suspected that my chronic constipation might be at the root of my problems and some colonic work was needed. After reviewing web sites of quite a few health care centers in the Denver area, I was more impressed with the Colonic Center’s website than any other, so I called and scheduled an appointment.
From my first visit, what happened immediately was an educational process that increased my awareness of the importance of healthy bowel movements and daily healthy practices for diet and wellness. Mardell’s insights from our conversations about my health situation were very accurate, and I knew I had chosen the right place for help. I was very impressed with the information and insights gained, and began to realize the short-term and long-term benefits of colon hydrotherapy and parasite cleansing. After starting the parasite cleansing program, I realized it was highly likely that I had contracted parasites about 1.5 years earlier while living in Pennsylvania – I started learning as much about human parasites as I could.
Since completing my first parasite cleansing program, I’ve been amazed at how my physical condition has changed: I no longer experience pressure in my chest or stiffness in my arms and upper body – and no lightheadedness; my energy level, breathing, and ability to focus have improved significantly – I can now complete demanding job assignments in less than half the time it used to take me; the sneezing and allergy symptoms have disappeared. My job hasn’t changed, but I have undergone a significant transformation physically and emotionally. I now feel strong, clear, and back in control of my body. Such a tremendous relief!!
I am currently completing my second parasite cleansing program and have no doubt that my work with the Mardell has eliminated the parasites. For that I am forever grateful! Most especially, I appreciate the education provided me on parasites and methods for prevention in the future.
Definitely, my experiences have been instrumental in providing me the education and inspiration needed to transform my life and awareness for developing a more effective wellness program and overall healthier lifestyle – which will be with me the rest of my life.
Rarely have I encountered an approach that has had such a profound and long-term impact on my health and daily lifestyle. Mardell, thank you so much for the important work you do and the contribution you make in our world. Your help has inspired me and changed my life for the better. I am truly grateful!
Thank you and God Bless You!
Barbara Elain Radford

Thank you for the time and energy. I am grateful to your commitment to foster truth amongst the medical industry and even among other alternative health care practitioners.
I have been struggling with my health for a long time (almost my entire 26 years), but proactively seeking out methods to heal for the last three years. During that three year time period I have gone to acupuncturists, dieticians specializing in raw food or live food, Chinese medicine doctors, chiropractors, neurologists, and of course traditional dermatologists and general health care practitioners. I have gone to doctors both in the States and in Europe and have had blood tests and stool tests done in both continents. My tests all came out negative (according to them I was fine) and in some cases I was told that it was all in my head… I was making it up.
I wish I were, but in reality I was bloated after every meal, sometimes to a ‘pregnant’ size, I battled between states of constipation and diarrhea on a almost daily basis, I had no energy and couldn’t sleep, I was incredibly depressed and shut myself out from friends and family, my body skin became infested with fungus and my facial skin became wrinkly and scaly. My eyes burned at night and sometimes it was so bad I had to pull over on the side of the road while driving because I literally couldn’t see.
After being disappointed by my doctors, I tried different cleanses like the Master Cleanse, the Candida Diet, Dr. Natura’s detox, Dr. Schultz’s detox formulas, juice fasts, various acne diets, and even water fasting. They helped temporarily, but never enough to allow me to feel as if I was actually healing. This process did, however, create a superhero determination to heal. I decided to trust my intuition and dive into another method. Late one night while searching on the internet I found an article by a wellknown homeopathic doctor who insisted that colonic hydrotherapy was the backbone of any successful cleanse. In fact, he claimed that without one, we would be caught in a never-ending cycle of reabsorbing the very toxins we were detoxing from. The next day I found you and made an appointment.
I was excited, but weary due to my previous experiences. Mardell, you treated me with authentic respect and attentiveness, but what really surprised me was how you understood ever symptom from a first-hand knowledge. Having gone through this “hell” yourself, you were not only supportive, but a team captain to help save my body.
After my first parasite cleanse and liver flush, I felt completely different. I had so much energy and began to see actual worms in my stool, which immediately calmed my dread of feeling like I was crazy. After the second parasite cleanse and liver flush I noticed that my facial skin was smooth and youthful, my hair was shiny, my eyes no longer burned, I wasn’t bloated after every meal (only after improper food combining), and most importantly, I wasn’t depressed. I was actually happy. I am now on my third parasite cleanse.
The process wasn’t easy, but it was worth it and at every step I knew that I could call you and get advice or tips on making the process more comfortable. I am still experiencing some symptoms, but I know that through more sessions and transforming my diet regimen, I will be free and clear of all my symptoms soon.
Many people get disheartened on the journey to wellness because they want a quick-fixpill or they don’t want to give up that cup of coffee in the morning or they attribute the discomfort sometimes felt during detoxing with a sign of ineffectiveness. On the contrary, the cleansing process is neither quick nor easy, but it’s not hard either and our bodies are worth a little commitment. Doing it alone is not only alienating, but incredibly challenging. Having you in my life, Mardell, I feel I am not alone and I will get my body back, and we will do it together.
Thank you for all your support and love.
Nova Golonka

As a Registered Nurse and being very proactive with regards to my health, I completely understand the importance of keeping my colon working like it should. Over the years, we eat many things that, frankly, we were not designed to eat, such as processed food and all the artificial things found in food today. This stuff starts lining the colon in the same way the plumbing in our house gets coated and congested. Over time, this builds up so much that the food we are supposed to be digesting just gets passed through because it cannot come into contact with the walls of the intestine where the breakdown and absorption of nutrients occur. Also, these impurities start to leak into our blood stream where it then interferes with healthy cell function within and throughout the body. This only leads to ill health and costly medical bills!
I came to Mardell hoping to find someone who was competent and knowledgeable about her profession. I had not seen a Hydrotherapist previously and so this was a new experience for me. I started about a month ago and have since had 3 therapies. I have to say that Mardell is extremely competent and professional. I love asking them questions, probably more than I really need to know the answer to but I find this kind of thing fascinating. Mardell has absolutely accommodated me in every way. They are comforting to be around and I find the atmosphere they create very relaxing. They seem to be very passionate about their work. This comes through because they are working from their heart. I admire them because they have found something that they believe in and therefore is able to help many people.
Mardell has passion and a vision. They can do nothing but soar with this combination. I look forward to having a long time relationship with them by continuing to use their services indefinitely.
Megan Paterson

I moved to Boulder from Los Angeles about a year ago, and one of the very best things about the relocation is to have access to Mardell’s service.
When I think of Mardell, the words that come to my mind are: Positive upbeat personality, enthusiastic, one of a kind, Miracle Worker, a true angle; a gift from heaven. Yes, those are strong words, but I am sincere when I say them.
Mardell has a Mission in Life to give the very best service, and she is totally dedicated to her clients in getting them back to good health in the shortest possible time. She has done the research and knows the best methods for detoxing the body. Mardell attends to all her clients on a 1:1 basis; she does not employ any assistants; you get to work directly with her.
Most people have no idea how hard she works attending to her many clients and keeping the place sparkly clean. Personally, I would not like doing all the things she does, but I am sure grateful she is there when I need her.
Because I have experience many different centers that offer Colonics over the years, I know how special Mardell really is. The vast majority of other Colonic centers use the invasive closed system where they use a large tube that needs to be inserted into the rectum, and that can be very painful at times.
The real secret to robust health is to getting rid of toxins, and nobody does this better than Mardell.
Just follow her advice and do what she tells you and in a few short weeks you should regain your vitality and zest for life.
Ken Bridges