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Common Questions

What are the benefits?
There are many benefits. Depending on a person’s current state of health, the results vary — but they can be tremendously significant.

Does it hurt?
No. Mardell makes sure the experience is comfortable, clean, and safe. The calming atmosphere makes it easy for you to relax.

How invasive is it?
Very little. And, after the first time you experience the gentleness of a colonic enema, you may feel it’s not intrusive at all. A tiny speculum is self-inserted into the rectum just 1″ beyond the rectal canal, which some say is about as invasive as an ear exam.

What is the process?
Lying on your back on the colonic enema table, you’re situated over a small tank. Water enters the body from a low pressure, gravity-feed system at less than .5 psi through a tiny (smaller than a pencil in diameter) rectal nozzle. This nozzle enters the rectal canal, then 1″ beyond into the rectal cavity where perfectly cleaned water is gently released into the rectum. Elimination happens through self-initiated pushing out, just like a normal bowel movement on the toilet. Waste materials drain into the tank. You have complete privacy as desired during your colonic enema.

What type of system do you operate?
Mardell operates a low pressure less than .5, open, gravity feed system. This means you control the process and release naturally into a tank. It is completely self controlled.

How much water does your system use per colonic enema?
Between 3-5 gallons of gentle, low-pressure, perfectly clean water.

Do I need a consultation prior to my introductory colonic?
Yes, it is recommended if you have any significant or extensive questions, concerns, chronic history, recent medical issues or treatments. Otherwise, this system of colonic enema speaks for itself! Gentle, comfortable, self-managed and easy. If you want to just fill out paperwork, are in generally good health, have brief conversation, then get started…. An introductory is the best price! Otherwise, schedule and allow 50-60 minutes for an in person consultation.

What will a consultation do for me?
Help ease any questions or concerns you may have prior to receiving your first colonic enema. It is a 50+ minutes to speak with you in person about your history, concerns, and goals. Then I show you the room and describe the process. I can offer a variety of cleanses that might be of interest to you for future consideration.

How much does it cost?
Click here to see our list of pricing.

What are payment options?
There are a variety of payment options: HSA, Flex, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, AMX, Check, and Cash. There is also a variety of payment plans and monthly specials. Sign up for the news letter to receive monthly specials, blogs, and YouTube videos about everyday health topics.

Can I ask you some questions?
Sure, but be sure to watch the New Client Video and read through the website first. Mardell’s priority is to work closely with the scheduled clients and will email or call you back when time allows. Be sure to be brief. If you feel you need more time to ask questions, schedule a consultation for a one-on-one to ease any concerns and have all your questions answered. If you feel confident about your health status, just schedule the basic intro colonic enema and we can discuss simple Q&A during your session.

Do you carry products?
Sometimes, but I can always point you towards the best products I would recommend to improve and support your intestinal health.

What can I expect?
An opportunity to receive education and support to help you make the best choices in lifestyle choices, cleansing, and better understanding how to support your body to heal it-self. Your decision and implementation to make a changes to your dietary and lifestyle that may result in better bowel movements and overall good health is a personal decision that only you can make and follow through with.