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Sometimes, if you may go days without pooping… Should you be concerned?

Yes, you definitely should be concerned. This may be acute or, possibly chronic constipation. Either way, the normal functions of the digestive tract have been disrupted—most commonly in the colon, but potentially anywhere along your 30-foot-long digestive tract. Yes, it’s 30 feet from mouth to anus!

So, what’s the big deal? Let’s look at some of the issues that may result:

  • The normal functions of food breakdown and nutrient absorption may be impaired
  • Toxic waste material may accumulate
  • Numerous health problems may occur.

And then, if you add more meals on top of the constipation.

  • The toxic buildup increases

As this cycle repeats itself, it becomes chronic constipation. In order to prevent serious health problems, you must:

  • Apply new diet and lifestyle changes

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Here’s an easy way to understand it:

We chew, we swallow, and it’s gone! Well, not exactly. It’s easy to get lulled into the belief that if we cannot see something, there is no need to concern ourselves with it anymore. But the reality is that if you eat something and it does not come out, it is still in there! Eventually, allowing food to stay inside the warm, wet environment that is your digestive tract may, well… make the nose wrinkle, that’s for sure!

Our natural instinct is to ignore potential problems and hope they go away. But picture putting food inside a plastic bag and leaving it in a closet, for days—especially “indulgence” foods like alcohol, fried foods, processed foods, and sugary desserts. Yuck! Dis-Ease is undoubtedly brewing.

 This is not a game of Peek-a-boo, if the food went in and didn’t come out, it is still inside you!

 Keep your digestion moving: page 19-20 Intestinal Health ~ A Practical Guide to Complete Abdominal Comfort http://amzn.to/2ckb2Mm

 Stop the madness, change your diet before your health suffers…






About the Author : Mardell HillMardell has over 17 years of experience in cleansing and has operated Clear Health since 2005. “Colonic enemas are a detoxification opportunity for people seeking alternatives to laxatives and creating better bowel movement. Colon cleansing may be the most important step you take to establishing and maintaining optimum health.” –Mardell, certified colonic enema assistant.View all posts by Mardell Hill

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