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Client Guidelines

Mardell Hill, colon hydrotherapist, has received no less than 100 hours of observation and training in providing colonic enemas in order to be i-ACT certified. The State of Colorado neither regulates nor certifies providers of colon hydrotherapy or colonic enemas.

I understand that Mardell Hill does not and cannot provide medical treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis or prescribe. She does not operate a medical facility, do procedures, or perform treatments. I agree to see a medical provider if I am concerned about my condition prior to receiving a colonic enema.

I understand that Mardell Hill is not a medical doctor, registered nurse, or any other licensed health care professional. Mardell Hill is not allowed to diagnose any disease or medical condition. No prognosis, prescription, or claims will be made regarding current, present, or future health. No guarantees will be made about curing any disease. No guarantee or assurance will be made for making my bowels respond. I am in control of my process the entire time.

I have fully disclosed any and all concerns about past and present medical conditions and take full responsibility for getting on the colonic enema table to receive this service and know that Mardell Hill is only assisting me and supporting my choice to receive this service.

I understand that emotional and physical reactions to a colonic enema vary. I have/will see the appropriate medical care provider should any of these reactions be a concern before or after the service.

I agree that Mardell Hill only will accept me if I am verbally, written, and physically respectful towards her and other clients.

I agree that Mardell Hill is not responsible for my hydration and consumption that may or may not lead to health related issues. I can find a list of recommended foods and liquids; see FAQ then New Clients then Recommended Eating OR purchase Intestinal Health Book and follow column 4 on pages 150-152.

I understand that Mardell Hill does not recommend the self-management of health problems. Information obtained by using her services or products are not exhaustive and do not cover diseases, ailments, mental or physical conditions or treatment/s.

I understand there is a specific protocol designed for my health and safety while receiving a colonic enema. Should I choose to alter this protocol, I will be asked to forgo the process and forfeit the money’s paid.

I understand that my personal health status or desired goals should be addressed in either a consultation or with my desired medical care provider.