Greens? Yuck! Why do they taste bad?

    Know, you are not the only one that feels this way about drinking or eating “greens”. It’s a simple answer yet more of a long-term solution for those that care to make the change…

    The truth is, when green drinks and healthy foods taste yucky or leave a bad taste in your mouth, one or more of the following could be responsible reason:

  • Too much stomach acid—the most common culprit
  • A salivary gland infection (parotitis)
  • Bacterial overgrowth caused by poor dental hygiene
  • Medications such as hormones, antibiotics, or chemotherapy drugs
  • Inflammation or an infection in the upper respiratory tract (sinusitis)
  • A disease, disorder, or unhealthy condition in the digestive tract; for example, fungus, candidiasis bacterial overgrowth, or vitamin/mineral deficiencies

More on this – Page 66-67: Intestinal Health ~ A Practical Guide to Complete Abdominal Comfort

Should you want to improve your palette to drink more greens, try cleansing and rebuilding of your intestines. The following are some simple ideas to get started, for more detailed guidance, purchase Intestinal Health book, linked above:

  • Change your diet.
  • Chew your food.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Minimize alcohol consumption.
  • Maintain oral hygiene.
  • Check mouth for diseases.
  • Get a medical exam, checking for imbalances.

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Another way to see the insides of your body when it needs cleansing, think of it this way, like a “Stagnant Pond”.

When a pond becomes stagnant due to toxic dumping, environmental imbalance, low water levels, bacteria, or other factors, it smells, has no movement, and is lifeless. Just adding healthy plants, a few fish, and a bucket of clean water won’t rejuvenate the pond. To recreate life, clean water must come in and the stagnation must be moved out. This requires an inlet on one side and an outlet on the opposing side to relieve the toxic burden. The push/pull exchange ultimately dilutes the ill effects of the stagnant pond enough so that, over time, recovery takes place and the flora and fauna return to the pond naturally.

    This principle applies to our digestive tract as well: Put good food in, chew it, digest it, move it along, and pull the plug on the opposing side to create an exchange that allows for the absorption of nutrients and the renewal of your cells.

    Holiday hint to stay well, eat before you attend the party to eliminate the temptation to snack on unhealthy foods. Drink seltzer water with juice and a lime. Find your best health year round!