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Stage It Just Right

Because digestion can be a complicated subject, let’s just make it a bit simpler by breaking it down into The Six Simple Stages of Digestion:

       Part I, pages 8-10 gives you more details: Intestinal Health book www.IntestinalHealthBook.com


The mouth produces enzymes and saliva to begin the process of food breakdown, peristaltic action (intestinal movement), and stimulation of HCl (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach.


This “liquid food” substance is created in the stomach as chewed food, enzymes, saliva, HCl, and biochemical additives are mixed and churned with peristaltic action.

 Food Matter

The duodenum, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas blend their additives into the chyme and create absorbable “food matter.”

 Nutrient Absorption

Peristaltic action continues moving the food matter through the jejunum and ileum portions of the small intestines where nutrients are absorbed to nourish the body.


Final nutrient extraction and dehydration of the food matter occur in the large intestines (otherwise known as the colon) where peristaltic action continues the momentum to the anus.

 Exit (Poop)

As the rectum fills with dehydrated stool, the rectal nerves signal the brain to push the stool out as waste.

 Disclaimer: The “Six Stages of Digestion” model has been created by our staff to simplify the digestive process for easier understanding. The “Six Stages” is not a medical term, claim, or concept, but perhaps it should be!

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