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“Health Food” … So Expensive… What to do?

The REAL Question is: Can you afford NOT to eat healthy food? For the short-term, it sounds OK and carefree. However, looking at the long-term perspective, you may want to take a closer look…

    To best evaluate, try this:

1. Keep track of all your medical expenses—including co-pays, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, office visits, outpatient procedures, hospital stays, dental work, insurance premiums, and out-of-pocket expenses due after insurance coverage—for one full year.

2. Add in the cost of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, coffee drinks, unhealthy snacks, and any other indulgences purchased and consumed throughout the year.

3. Do the same with your grocery and restaurant receipts for that same year.

4. Now estimate how much more it would have cost to purchase fresh, organic, pesticide- and hormone-free foods. 5 percent? 10 percent? 20 percent?

5. Does the amount from #4 exceed the amount from #1 plus #2 plus #3? (Maybe yes or maybe no.)

6. More importantly, will the amount from #4 exceed the amount from #1 five years from now? How about 10 or 20 years from now?

More tips for healthy foods: pages 137-153 Intestinal Health ~ A Practical Guide to Complete Abdominal Comfort http://amzn.to/2ckb2Mm

Therefore, purchasing healthier food may be a better choice in the long run. As we all know, cheap, preservative-ridden or chemically modified foods coupled with possible medical costs, could add up to far more down the road!

    The easiest way to make subtle changes to healthier foods is to change where you pick up meals. Instead of zipping in and out of a fast food restaurant for a burger, fries, and a soda, make a brief stop at your local grocery store or health food market and pick up some unsweetened yogurt and fruit, soup and salad, a healthy sandwich, or an all-natural granola bar and a bottle of water to satisfy both your appetite and your nutritional needs.

Traveling?  Pack healthy snacks to go… Easy travel snacks include beef or turkey jerky, apples, roasted nuts, pumpkin seeds, granola bars, cereal, crackers, etc. Dried fruit and fruit roll-ups are also excellent choices but be sure to drink extra water to account for their “re-hydration.” Also, remember to purchase a fresh bottle of clean water regularly when you are on the road or at an airport to ensure that you remain continuously hydrated.

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About the Author : Mardell HillMardell has over 17 years of experience in cleansing and has operated Clear Health since 2005. “Colonic enemas are a detoxification opportunity for people seeking alternatives to laxatives and creating better bowel movement. Colon cleansing may be the most important step you take to establishing and maintaining optimum health.” –Mardell, certified colonic enema assistant.View all posts by Mardell Hill

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