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Why cholesterol is important?

First of all, what the heck IS cholesterol? The simple answer is from the food you eat. It can be virtually any kind of food—even food that contains no cholesterol itself. All the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you eat contain carbon. The cholesterol is made out of that carbon. Finally, your body, armed with these carbon building blocks, has what …

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Is the Pancreas an organ or gland?

Yup, you guessed it… it is a gland! This miraculous gland assists both the digestive system and the endocrine system. Here are the functions for each: Digestive System—The pancreas secretes enzymes that assist in digestion and nutrient absorption by breaking down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats (lipids) in the food matter as it enters the duodenum from the stomach. Endocrine System—The …

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What is Cacao?

To best understand cacao, let’s first omit the other two similar and often confusing terms… cocoa and chocolate. Let’s start with cocoa, it is roasted and ground cacao seeds and then the cacao is heated. Don’t worry, it is not inferior to raw cacao, it’s just been heated to a higher temperature but still retains lots of antioxidants that are …

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Prepare for Health…

Since your gut health is your #1 defense, get prepared with Prebiotics. That’s right, PREbiotics maximize the benefit of PRObiotics. Every day, everywhere, we are hearing about probiotics, the essential good bacteria our gut needs for good digestion. Now it’s time to get the scoop on how to support and “feed” our essential probiotics… Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that “feed” …

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Let Em Shine!

Yes, it’s true… Keeping your teeth shiny does affect your intestinal health! How’s that? Not only does dental hygiene prevent mouth disease, but also may prevent intestinal disease. Fact: Proper dental hygiene is essential to good digestion because anti-microbial compounds such as lysozyme and IgA (secretory antibodies) in the mucous membranes in your mouth help to eliminate bad bacteria. No …

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Move your butt!

You job, driving, flying, electronics, movies, or just plain tired… do you sit too much? Well… you better get off your butt & beat cheeks, before you experience: Sluggish bowels Peristalsis muscle deconditioning Slowing metabolism And, increased morbidity rate! That’s right! The more you sit, the more your: Internal metabolic chemical reactions may decrease Glucose regulation (blood sugar) may decrease …

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Huggin and Lovin…

Kale hugs and loves your body! Those little green leafs are power packed with more nutrients than any other food on the planet. In fact, kale’s nutritional value is so high, it may have SUPER powers! Some of these powers may include: Fiber Antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid Potassium Vitamin C B6 Chlorophyll Vitamin A Vitamin K Vitamin E Copper Iron Manganese …

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Orange is IN!

Chinese mandarins and oranges in this love affair, create a very special fruit called clementine. Small, juicy, delicious and packed with all the right nutrients for a healthy body! Some of these nutrients include: Vitamin C Calcium Potassium B6 Folate Fiber Water And, so much more! Find more health tips from Mardell Hill YouTube: http://bit.ly/1VfVFT2 SUBSCRIBE! Most commonly grown in warm climates, such …

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Pucker Up With Limes ~

This sour limonoid contains powerful health benefits and definitely keeps the salivary glands working! Eating limes are best known for: Vitamin C Flavonoids Potassium And minerals These beneficial nutrients may just: Reduce cholesterol and plaque buildup in arteries Reduce free radicals Prevent cancer Lower risk of stroke Improve skin quality & reduce acne Reduce bad bacteria activity Fight food bacteria’s …

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The Bitter Benefits ~ Cranberries

Not just for Turkeys! Cranberries are loved by every cell in your body to support, build, and nourish. Don’t let this super-food knowledge float by you, because floating makes the highest antioxidant value in cranberries for your health! Yes, it’s true, when your cranberries float, they absorb more sunlight which increases their power packed nutrients… And, their red coloring! Some …

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