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Can’t BEET This!

Naturally sweet, beets are often used as a source of sugar. Beyond being sweet and easy to prepare, these little jewels are a nutritional powerhouse too! Let’s take a glance at the nutritional benefits: Vitamin C Fiber Vitamin B6 Folate Betaine Manganese Potassium Copper Magnesium Phosphorus Iron Amino Acids from Bentalains Carotenoids And, phytonutrients. Find health related videos and recipes …

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Don’t Throw Me Away!

Don’t Throw Me Away! Pumpkin is SO good for you, just look at all the benefits from this tasty orange treat: Better eyesight Lowers blood pressure Healthy heart Improve sleep Increases energy Supports weight loss Reduces cancer risks Smoother, silkier skin And, it boosts your immune system! No Kidding… let’s take a look at all the powerful ingredients to make …

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